Walgreens Photo

Walgreens shows leadership with the first national effort of its kind by a retailer to reduce drug abuse, misuse and accidental overdose which reduces drugs and their impact on the environment.  Congratulations Walgreens for launching a safe medication disposal program with the installation of kiosks in more than 500 stores in 39 states and for being a model of stewardship!  It’s great to see Colorado on the list of participating states.  I’d like to see King Soopers, our local grocery store/pharmacy chain join the effort.  We are gaining support from our legislative body to end the FDA’s guidance for flushing.  Greater participation, programs and policy are needed to reduce pollution and to increase prevention as the drug death rate in Colorado tops the national average.  We can make responsible decisions armed with knowledge of their effects on wildlife and from the recent alarming environmental health study which finds levels of hormone disrupting chemicals in children from improper disposal.

When, if not now is the time for change?  –  Beverly Hanstrom

Walgreens leads fight against prescription drug abuse and their impact on the environment