Are You Disposing of Your Medical Waste Responsibly?

Join Colorado Medical Waste and become environmental stewards and sustainability partners because out of sight is no longer out of mind. The medical waste process of the future is here today. Let us help you achieve your regulated medical waste sustainability goals.  We make it easy, convenient and cost effective to reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare and medical waste.

In addition to the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of your waste, we provide biohazard waste containers, sharps containers, liners, signs and labels. We also accept waste from outside haulers. Request a free quote today.



What Sets Us Apart:

  • We are Colorado’s only sustainable disposal facility
  • We provide award winning service
  • We use cutting edge technologies and environmental processes
  • We offer “On Call” or “Scheduled” service
  • No long-term binding contracts
  • Flexible service, if your needs change
  • All inclusive pricing
  • No fees or fuel charges
  • No mandatory OSHA compliance programs
  • A written waste management plan
  • Manifest for “cradle to grave” tracking
  • Certificate of destruction for regulatory compliance
  • Serving Colorado’s biohazard disposal needs since 1992
  • Long-term customer retention and customer satisfaction
  • HIPAA compliance
  • No recognizable or retrievable waste
  • Volume and multiple location discounts
  • Local, minority, woman owned small business
  • Accept major credit cards
  • OSHA and DOT approved containers
  • Licensed and permitted disposal facilities
  • Consulting services
  • Product sales
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Online quotes, scheduling and payment convenience