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Biohazard Waste
(Red Bag Waste)

Sharps containers, cultures, stocks, blood and blood-borne pathogen waste.

Minimum Biohazard Pickup (Up to 3 Gallons)  
Biohazard 10 Gallon Container (15.5x17)  
Biohazard 20 Gallon Container (23x19)  
Biohazard 32 Gallon Container (27x22)  
Biohazard 48 Gallon Container (28.75x23.5)  
Large Biohazard Box (17x17x23)  


Pathology Waste
(Yellow Bag Waste)

(Our ozone processor is approved to accept Pathology waste in Colorado).

Minimum Pickup (Up to 3 Gallons)  
8 Gallon Container (17.5Hx15.5Wx11D)  
20 Gallon Container (23x19)  
32 Gallon Container (27x22)  
Large Pathology Box (17x17x23)  


Pharmaceutical Waste

(Incineration Waste) NON-RCRA

Expired medications and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. No controlled substances.

Minimum Pharmaceutical Pickup (Up to 3 Gallons)  
Pharmaceutical 3 Gallon Container (16Hx13.5Wx6D)  
Pharmaceutical 8 Gallon Container (17.5Hx15.5Wx11D)  


Yellow Waste
(Yellow Bag Waste)

Trace chemotherapy, pathological and biological waste.

Minimum Incineration Pickup (Up to 3 Gallons)  
Incineration 8 Gallon Container (17.5Hx15.5Wx11D)  
Incineration 20 Gallon Container (23x19)  
Incineration 32 Gallon Container (27x22)  
Large Incineration Box (17x17x23)  

Do you require any supplies?

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CMW Reusable Collection Containers

10 Gallon Container (17.5x15)  
20 Gallon Container (23x19)  
32 Gallon Container (27x22)  
48 Gallon Container (28.75x23.5)  
20 Gallon Incineration Container (23x19)  
32 Gallon Incineration Container (27x22)  

Supplies - Available for Purchase

1 Quart Sharps Container  
2 Gallon Sharps Container (10Hx10.5Wx7.25D)  
5 Quart Sharps Container (12.5Hx5.5Wx10.75D)  
2 Gallon Sharps Container (10Hx10.5Wx7.25D)  
8 Gallon Sharps Container (17.5Hx15.5Wx11D)  
3 Gallon Pharmaceutical Container (16Hx13.5Wx6D)  
8 Gallon Pharmaceutical Container (17.5Hx15.5Wx11D)  
Large Biohazard Box (17x17x23)  
Large Pathology Box (17x17x23)  
Large Incineration Box (17x17x23)  
5 Qt. Sharps Locking Wall Cabinet  
3 Gallon Pharmaceutical Wall Cabinet  
Biohazard Liners Red (Medium - 20 Gallons)  
Biohazard Liners Red (Large - 32 to 48 Gallons)  
Incineration Liners Yellow (Medium - 20 Gallons)  
Incineration Liners Yellow (Large - 32 to 48 Gallons)  
Biohazard Sign (8.5x11)  
Biohazard Labels (2x3 in. & 3.5x5 in.)  

We proudly carry Tyco Kendall sharps containers. If you don't see the type or size of container you're currently using, please indicate the manufacturer and order number under Notes/Special Instructions, and we'll try to get it for you.

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