Pope Francis

On June 16, 2015 Pope Francis issued the first encyclical of his papacy which was devoted entirely to the environment and climate change. In his 183-page letter, Pope Francis urged Catholics and all global citizens to have a sense of responsibility for the protection and preservation of our planet.

In his letter, the Pope stated that climate change is one of the most important challenges that humanity currently faces. He stressed that our planet has a pollution problem which seriously affects all of our global resources, and noted that our air, water, land, ecosystems and wildlife are being destroyed as a result of our actions.
The Pope argued that the severe consequences of this kind of pollution extend to all levels of global interest including social, economic and political efforts. His letter detailed the destruction of resources will be felt the whole world over, and that the planet’s least fortunate people stand to be the most severely impacted. According to the Pope, it is the responsibility of each nation’s government and every individual to acknowledge the problem exists and makes efforts to remedy the problem.

Pope Francis’ letter recognized that efforts to combat climate change are often met with resistance or disinterest, but asserted that conversations must take place in order for global change to occur. The Pope celebrated the independent efforts of existing environmental groups, businesses and nonprofits that are working toward change.  The Pope’s encyclical is one of the first to be written about a scientific and controversial topic. It is also, arguably, the most widely accessible letter of its kind. The publication was translated into nine different languages and read by countless people around the world.

Scientists who have commented on the details of the letter have stated that all of the Pope’s sentiments are founded on scientific fact. U.S. environmentalists are embracing the Pope’s message, and feel that having his support adds further influence to their cause.

Catholic leaders in the U.S. welcomed the Pope’s message on global warming and felt his words are a call to action that will inspire increased advocacy on behalf of environmental concerns.

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Pope’s Environmental Message Echoes Colorado Medical Waste’s Efforts to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint