What is Ozone?

Triatomic Ozone Molecule – O3
  • Ozone – O3 is a triatomic molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms.
  • It is an oxygen molecule that has received an extra oxygen atom by an electrical charge.
  • Ozone is a blue gas produced onsite by an ozone generator.
  • It is the most powerful NATURAL oxidant known to man.
  • It is used for disinfection, sterilization and odor elimination and has several commercial applications.
  • Ozone kills bacteria by destroying the cell wall. Once the cell wall is destroyed, bacteria is unable to survive and dies.  There is no regrowth.
  • Ozone decomposes and reverts to back to simple oxygen.
  • There are “ZERO” emissions!
  • In nature, the fresh scent after a thunderstorm is caused by ozone formation.
  • Approvals by the FDA in 2001 and the USDA in 2002 provide for the safe use of ozone in gaseous and aqueous phases as an antimicrobial agent.  It is so safe, it is used in processing products for human consumption.

Effect of Ozone on Bacteria

Photo - Effect of Ozone on Bacteria

  1. A healthy bacillus bacterial cell
  2. Ozone molecules come in contact with the cell wall
  3. A reaction called an oxidative burst occurs which creates a hole in the cell wall
  4. A hole in the cell wall has injured the bacterium
  5. The bacterium loses its shape while ozone molecules continue creating holes
  6. Thousands of ozone collisions occur in only a few seconds.  The bacterial wall can no longer hold its shape and the cell dies

Benefits of Ozone Processing

  • Using oxygen, electricity, an ozone generator and an industrial shredder, we turn medical waste into confetti
  • We are the future of sustainable medical waste management
  • Efficacy tests prove ozone is 100 times more effective than steam, killing mold, viruses, bacteria and infectious pathogens
  • 90% volume reduction means TONS of medical waste is diverted from landfills, incinerators and hazardous waste facilities
  • There is NO contamination to air, soil or water
  • Shredding makes waste unrecognizable, unretrievable and unusable
  • Shredding eliminates HIPAA exposure and liability
  • Local processing reduces costly transportation and incineration disposal fees
  • Eliminates the public health effects and environmental contamination of traditional autoclaves and incinerators
  • Replaces antiquated heat and energy intensive technologies and their heavy consumption of water and natural gas
  • Reduces landfill methane gas and incineration greenhouse gas emissions and their contribution to global warming and climate change

Our Responsible, Innovative and Sustainable Technology

  • Is licensed and permitted by Colorado regulatory agencies
  • Serves the medical waste generating community
  • Demonstrates recycling and reuse
  • Reduces waste and pollution
  • Reduces exposure and liability
  • Reduces our carbon footprint and
  • Represents the future



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