Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. is always proud to showcase our leadership—whether we’re being an example for small businesses within our industry or doing our part in our communities. And, because we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, we’re always striving to grow into a better and better company with each passing day. To that end, we’re proud to announce our attendance at the Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.!

The summit took place from May 11-13, bringing together the policymakers on Capitol Hill and 100 small business owners from around the country to meet and discuss the future of small business in our country and what can be done to pave the way to success for existing and future small businesses alike.

Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. relishes the opportunity to have attended such an event and we know that even though we focus on a niche industry—medical waste management in Colorado—our voice is one of many that will help other small businesses in our position to serve vital roles in their communities as they grow.

During our time at the summit, we were able to visit the National Press Club and the White House, to listen to high-profile speakers—including members of both the Administration and Congress—speak about the current state of small business in America and what can be done to foster conditions of growth and expansion for all commerce. We even had the opportunity to voice our opinions at panels and breakout sessions to outline policy concerns for 2015!

More than just voicing our opinions and ideas for the future of small business to policymakers, we’re also pleased to have met and networked with other small businesses from around the nation! Being able to meet other small businesses just like ourselves has given us insight into industries outside of medical waste management in Colorado, to get to the root of what it truly means to be a small business in any industry. It was truly an education experience and one that we found to be immeasurably rewarding!

Our time spent at the summit capped off with an awards ceremony and reception at Google’s Washington D.C. headquarters, along with a website training program hosted by Google, giving Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. and other small businesses the opportunity to learn more about how important online operations are to small businesses nationwide.

We’re honored to have been a part of the Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington D.C., but we’re even more proud to bring that recognition home to our communities. We aim to always be a fixture in Colorado and we strive every day to make our state a better place to live.

Being recognized by our nation’s capitol for these efforts and for our efforts as a small business is a tremendous honor and we want every one we serve to know that it only pushes us to work harder towards our goals, so that we can pass the benefits on to our customers and our communities.

Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. Attends Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington D.C.