Opening Day Speech from House Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D-Boulder)

“Protecting our Colorado way of life means protecting our environment.”

We have no more time for silly debates. The climate is changing, we are causing it, the consequences are alarming and we had better make an effort to tread more lightly across this Earth.

Our Colorado way of life – and the billions we get from tourists who come here to enjoy the Colorado way of life — are at risk if every winter our ski season gets shorter and every spring our snowmelt fails to fill the reservoirs and every summer our forests burn.

These are the impacts of climate change.

For the first time, all the nations of the world are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Colorado must do our fair share. We must continue to lead by example and do more to invest in renewable systems like solar and wind that provide energy at a competitive price while creating good, high-paying jobs and keeping our air and water clean.

You will see a bill to include specific goals in our state’s climate action plan to reduce our carbon footprint and help us bend the curve on climate change. Let’s pass this bill.

Our Colorado way of life is tied to the successes of our people and of our innovators, entrepreneurs and small business owners. They are the real engine of our economy.

Fifty percent of the jobs in Colorado are in small businesses. It’s time we focused our attention on small business.

You will see a bipartisan bill to ensure that compliance costs and regulations don’t stifle small businesses. Let’s pass this bill.


Colorado Medical Waste encourages both parties to meet in the middle to protect the health of our air, water and land that provide the quality of life we ALL deserve regardless of our political affiliation. – Beverly Hanstrom, President.

Colorado 2016 Legislative Session Begins with a Focus on Climate Change