Colorado Medical Waste Accepts Household Sharps

Our Revolutionary Technology Turns Your Sharps into Confetti!

The problem with household generated sharps waste

Each year, millions of Americans use needles, syringes, and lancets – also called sharps, to treat medical conditions at home. Disposing of those sharps after use can be a challenge. If used sharps are placed loosely in household trash, flushed down the toilet or disposed of haphazardly, they pose a risk to the community. The risk may be greatest for family members including children and pets. Waste workers are also at risk of being stuck by sharps during trash pickup, during recycling, during waste water treatment or at the landfill. Exposure to used sharps increases the risk of contracting potentially life threatening diseases including HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis

Household generated sharps disposal

Disposal of sharps generated in the home is not regulated in Colorado allowing the in-home sharps user to place them directly into the trash. Although this method is allowable, it is NOT recommended and should ONLY be used as a last option if safe disposal methods are not available.

View and download our Household Sharps Walk-in Disposal Guidance PDF.

Safe handling and packaging instructions

Use industry standard sharps containers or strong, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) puncture resistant, leak proof containers with screw-on lids. Place used sharps into designated container immediately after use. Do not bend, break, or remove needles from syringes unless using a commercial sharps destruction device. Do not recap needles. Do not reuse needles. Examples of empty household generated containers that may be used for sharps waste include: laundry detergent jugs, bleach bottles, or other HDPE puncture resistant containers with screw on lids. The #2 symbol shown below will be stamped on the bottom of the container designating it is HDPE and acceptable for use. Please contact us in advance for our affordable, convenient and eco-friendly pricing and to schedule your walk-in sharps disposal.

Thank you for disposing of your sharps responsibly. Together, we can make a difference!

Walk-In Sharps Disposal Hours: Monday–Friday 8:30am–4:00pm

Address: 3131 Oakland St. Aurora, CO 80010




Colorado Medical Waste Owner/CEO Named To 2016 Women To Watch List

Beverly Hanstrom is 1 of 100 Female Executives on Bizwomen’s 2016 Women to Watch List

(Aurora, CO)— Known for their innovation in sustainable medical waste management, Aurora-based Colorado Medical Waste recently announced that owner and CEO Beverly Hanstrom has been honored with a place on Bizwomen’s annual list honoring female executives across the country. Hanstrom is 1 of 100 on the Bizwomen 2016 Women to Watch List, being named among the nation’s top-performing bankers, lawyers, educators, entrepreneurs, scientists and marketers.

“Our medical waste stream is larger than ever before, for every patient, more than 3 pounds of contaminated material are generated every day. Traditional medical waste disposal methods currently in use are autoclaves and incinerators which pile treated waste into landfills and release toxic greenhouse gas into the air and are putting us and our environment at risk. We work hard to be innovators and role models and demonstrate that there is a better way.  We protect our customers, our community and the environment from the hazards of medical waste and are appreciative of Bizwomen and their acknowledgment that what we do matters,” said Beverly Hanstrom of Colorado Medical Waste.

More than 1,000 female business leaders were recognized earlier in 2016 by 43 sister publications of American City Business Journals. Following this local recognition, the Bizwomen team met with their colleagues from across the nation to learn more about the honorees, conducted additional research and internal deliberations to compile their official national list of 100 Women To Watch.

Being named to this list is one of several honors bestowed on CEO Beverly Hanstrom in 2016, as she was given Denver Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business Award in the small business category.  Earlier in the year Colorado Medical Waste was selected as a Colorado Company to Watch and was featured in ColoradoBiz Magazine.  Beverly was also chosen to the Board of the National Stewardship Action Council for her leadership in sustainability. She has successfully navigated regulatory challenges and numerous obstacles in her tenacious pursuit to introduce and implement sustainable technologies and processes. She is a pioneer in her profession and one of only a few in a male dominated industry.

Hanstrom continued, “Each one of the 100 women on the list is someone that we all should get to know. Like mine, their stories of success have been decades in the making and will impact their communities for decades to come. Colorado Medical Waste is in good company and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the recognition and the opportunity to add our voice to the list of women out there making a difference.”

About Colorado Medical Waste:

Since 1992, Colorado Medical Waste has provided medical waste disposal service to generators along Colorado’s Front Range. In March 2014, they introduced ozone processing to Colorado at their facility in Aurora and turn medical waste into confetti. Striving to bring medical waste management into the 21st century, their process reduces waste volume by 90 percent with zero emissions. Efficacy tests prove ozone is 100 times more effective than steam and an eco-friendly alternative to toxic incineration.  Their process eliminates the public health effects and environmental contamination of antiquated heat and energy intensive systems while conserving valuable natural resources.

Media Contact:

Beverly Hanstrom
Aurora, CO 80010
Telephone: (303) 794-5716

Colorado Medical Waste, CEO Hanstrom Leading Innovation

Colorado Medical Waste proudly announces the owner and CEO Beverly Hanstrom has been named Denver Business Journal’s 2016 Outstanding Women In Business winner in the small business category.

The medical waste disposal company continues to make advances in the industry and feels this award demonstrates the community’s recognition of their commitment to their customers and the environment. The Denver Business Journal recognizes women in 13 categories. Nominees are judged on their professional accomplishments, their leadership in the community, innovation and entrepreneurship.

This is only one of many ways Colorado Medical Waste has been recognized. The company was recently featured in ColoradoBiz magazine. In addition, it was named a Colorado Companies to Watch winner just a few short months ago, and the latest award is one the company is especially proud of.

Medical Waste Management for the 21st Century

“We are thrilled to be honored in this manner and are proud of our work to move the medical waste industry into the 21st century. With our introduction of ozone processing to the state in March 2014, we turn medical waste into confetti in our Aurora facility. This reduces waste volume by 90 percent and no emissions are produced during the process,” Hanstrom explains.

Medical waste comes in many forms, including blood-soaked bandages, bodily organs removed from a patient, surgical gloves, surgical instruments which have been used and immunization needles. The Medical Waste Tracking Act, enacted in 1988, outlines specific rules for the disposal of these medical waste products.

In addition, laws may be enacted by a state that supplement the federal law created by this act. Unfortunately, incineration, the traditional method of disposing of this waste, comes with its own hazards, often resulting in the release of pollutants into the air humans and animals take in.

The process used by Colorado Medical Waste eliminates the environmental contamination and public health effects of outdated energy and heat intensive systems that are heavy consumers of natural resources. The only sustainable facility in Colorado, the company makes use of an industrial shredder, electricity and ozone gas which is created and reverts back to oxygen to reduce the health and medical waste carbon footprint while conserving water and natural gas. This shows the company’s commitment to being on the forefront of environmental stewardship.

Experts in Medical Waste Management

Medical waste isn’t merely found in hospitals and clinics. Dental and doctor offices, blood banks, research facilities, medical labs, animal clinics and patients at home often create medical waste, along with others. The key is to make it easy to dispose of these items, regardless of how big or how small the load of waste product is. If the items are not handled properly, health care workers, patients, the general public and waste handlers may be exposed to toxic effects, infection and more.

Colorado Medical Waste accepts a range of products, including animal and laboratory waste. In addition, consumers find the company takes vitamins, over-the-counter medications and crime scene waste, along with other waste products. Acupuncture, hotels and the military call on the company for assistance in disposing of medical waste materials.  The company provides biohazard waste containers, liners, labels, signs and sharps containers for the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of these products.

“Whether you need help with consulting services, product sales, HIPAA compliance or a written waste management plan, call on us. We are here to serve you in any way we can when it comes to your medical waste disposal. The all-inclusive pricing makes it easy to budget for these services, and service can be scaled as client needs change. Contact us today to learn more,” Hanstrom recommends.

About Colorado Medical Waste, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Colorado Medical Waste is a local, minority, woman-owned small business and functions as an industry expert. Combining 24 years of experience in the field, cutting-edge technologies, award-winning service and sustainable processes, Colorado Medical Waste truly stands out in the industry.

It remains known for offering value added service while providing the most environmental means of processing waste from the medical field. The recognition and awards bestowed on the company reflect their commitment to customers and the environment, and the business values remain strong and steadfast. Colorado Medical Waste serves as a pioneer and leader in the sustainable medical waste management industry.

Beverly Hanstrom
3131 Oakland St. Aurora, Colorado 80010-1508
(303) 794-5716

Beverly Hanstrom named Denver Business Journal 2016 Outstanding Women in Business Winner

Beverly Hanstrom, Colorado Medical Waste CEO/Owner named Denver Business Journal 2016 Outstanding Women in Business – Small Business Category.

The Denver Business Journal presented its 18th annual Outstanding Women in Business awards honoring women for their accomplishments at the luncheon on August 25th at the Denver Marriott. Out of 240 nominees, Beverly was selected as one of 36 finalists for the award.  Winners from 12 categories were named including a lifetime achievement award.  Dr. Donna Lynne, Lieutenant Governor and the COO State of Colorado was the keynote speaker.  The event was mc’d by Belen DeLeon from 9News.  Beverly is featured in the Denver Business Journal special edition  article which highlights her accomplishments.

Press Release

Beverly Hanstrom named 2016 Denver Business Journal Outstanding Women in Business Winner

AURORA, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Denver Business Journal presented its 18th annual Outstanding Women in Business awards honoring women for their accomplishments. Out of 240 nominees, Beverly was one of 36 finalists. At the luncheon on August 25th at the Denver Marriott, winners from 12 categories were named including a lifetime achievement award. Dr. Donna Lynne, Lieutenant Governor and COO State of Colorado was the keynote speaker. The event was MC’d by Belen DeLeon from 9News. Beverly is featured in the Denver Business Journal special edition article which highlights her accomplishments.

Hanstrom’s company was also named a Colorado Companies to Watch winner in June, 2016 and is featured in ColoradoBiz magazine on pages 25 and 49.

Colorado Medical Waste has provided disposal service to generators along Colorado’s Front Range since 1992. Under Beverly’s leadership ozone processing was introduced to Colorado at her facility in Aurora.Using ozone gas, electricity and an industrial shredder, medical waste is converted to a confetti-like residual and reduced in volume by 90% with “ZERO” emissions! The eco-friendly process eliminates the public health effects and environmental impact of antiquated heat and energy intensive technologies while conserving valuable natural resources. State-of-the-art technology, industry expertise and award-winning service positions them at the forefront of environmental stewardship. Colorado Medical Waste is a small, minority, woman-owned business and leads the industry in 21st century sustainable medical waste management. Join Colorado Medical Waste and become environmental stewards and champions for change to reduce our carbon footprint. Together, we can make a difference!

EPA Announces Final Rules to Reduce Methane Gas Landfill Emissions

Methane Gas Wellhead and Sign
Methane Gas Wellhead – Methane is a Greenhouse Gas 84X More Potent Than CO2

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday announced the final rules that will help reduce methane emissions in municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills. New, modified and existing landfills will soon begin capturing and controlling landfill gas emissions at levels that are one-third lower than the current required levels.

The new rules, which are expected to cut methane emissions by approximately 334,000 tons a year starting in 2025, are part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan: Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions. These rules serve as an update to the 1996 standards for existing landfills and strengthen the proposed rule for new landfills that was issued in 2014.

Currently, MSW landfills are ranked the second largest industrial source of methane emissions in the U.S., but with the new rules, methane from landfills will be captured and utilized in place of other fossil fuels.

In addition to the new rules, the EPA will continue to offer its Landfill Methane Outreach program, which provides landfill owners and operators with tools and resources to better facilitate development of landfill gas energy projects.

At WasteExpo, Anne Germain, director of waste and recycling technology for the National Waste and Recycling Association; Matt Stutz, from Fort Worth, Texas-based Weaver Consultants Group; and Patrick Sullivan, senior vice president of SCS Engineers in Sacramento, Calif., discussed how landfill operators are preparing for the new source performance standards.

Beverly Hanstrom – Denver Business Journal’s 2016 Outstanding Women in Business Award Finalist

Beverly Hanstrom – Denver Business Journal’s 2016 Outstanding Women in Business Award Finalist

Finalists for Denver Business Journal’s 2016 Outstanding Women In Business Award were notified on July 8, 2016.  Out of 240 nominations 36 are finalists. The Denver Business Journal will select 13 women of excellence in business and community in the annual Outstanding Women in Business special section.

Finalists will be judged on their innovation, entrepreneurship, professional accomplishments and community leadership. A special section dedicated to these women is scheduled August 26, 2016. In addition to the publication, there will be an Outstanding Women in Business awards event on Thursday, August 25, 2016.  Thank you Denver Business Journal for the recognition and congratulations fellow finalists.

2016 DBJ Outstanding Women in Business Finalists
Beverly is #34

Is there a sustainability imperative for the healthcare industry?


Healthcare, as we know it, is simply not sustainable. With growing realities including escalating costs shifting market access models; stakeholder and regulatory scrutiny; low patient trust; and an evolving physical environment threatening human health — the industry needs to make itself more sustainable.

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Inside the toxin-free hospital of the future

Hospitals cut environmental impact
Hospitals are working to cut environmental impacts.

Hundreds of changemakers from hospitals, health systems and medical products and supplier companies gathered in Dallas to learn and compare notes at the 13th CleanMed Conference in May, 2016. CleanMed is the nation’s largest conference focusing on sustainability in healthcare. Every year health care leaders work to accelerate their commitment to environmental sustainability and to spur a movement in regenerative health. These leaders have moved beyond protecting the environment and human health, to improving them.

Health care is the only sector of the economy that has healing at the core of its business. At CleanMed 2016, leaders were interested in creating a new social contract between health care and society, a contract that expands the healing mission outside its walls to the communities they serve and the environment that sustains us.

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