Doxo Scam

Dear Colorado Medical Waste Customer,

It has come to our attention that a bill payment company named doxo has created an online payment account for Colorado Medical Waste. Research in the BBB database shows this company has 145 complaints of payments made, service fees charged and deductions from bank accounts with payments never being paid to the merchant or vendor the payment is intended for.  Please be aware that we have no affiliation with doxo although they have taken considerable effort to duplicate our website, links, phone number and company information to make it look legitimate.  DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO PAY YOUR COLORADO MEDICAL WASTE BILL ON THIS SITE!  We have contacted doxo in attempts to remove Colorado Medical Waste from their database and their online payment site but a representative from the Philippines declined our request.

Payments made using this website will not be credited to your account as there is no business or service agreement that Colorado Medical Waste has with doxo, nor are payments from their site linked to our bank account. See photo of the fraudulent website below. Please report any doxo fraudulent transactions to the BBB complaints department.  Please post and share your experience so doxo will held accountable for fraud.

You may pay your bill securely on our website, call us to pay by phone at 303-794-5716, or by sending your payment in the mail to our address on your invoice.  Thank you.


CMW’s Brandi Darnell and Beverly Hanstrom volunteer at the TUCC sponsored sharps and non hazardous pharmaceutical take back event.

The Urology Surgery Center of Colorado physicians, staff and patients celebrated life at the 12th Annual Survivorship Picnic and car show on Sunday, June 2, 2019. Colorado Medical Waste’s Brandi Darnell and Beverly Hanstrom volunteer with Doug Lewis, Administrator for the TUCC sponsored sharps and non-hazardous pharmaceutical take back event.

Colorado Medical Waste Owner Beverly Hanstrom featured in December Oprah and Entrepreneur Magazines

I’m honored to have been selected and featured in the December 2018 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.  The Denver’s Leading Women in Business article recognizes my sustainability achievements and raises awareness in hopes of reaching affluent decision-makers and key influentials throughout Colorado. Both publications inspire women, independent thinkers, innovators and business leaders to help drive the economy. I’m grateful and appreciative for the opportunity to drive positive change for healthcare, the medical waste industry and the environment. What are you doing with your medical waste?

As seen in December 2018 Oprah & Entrepreneur Magazine