CMW’s Ozone Processor, Aurora CO


Our ozone processor eliminates contamination to air, soil and water and diverts TONS of medical waste from entering landfills, incinerators and hazardous waste facilities.  The added benefit of shredding renders waste unrecognizable eliminating HIPAA liability and generator exposure. Our 6Log10 kill STERILIZES waste surpassing efficacy standards of a 4Log10 kill of antiquated heat and energy intensive autoclaves that are heavy consumers of water and natural gas.

Our energy efficient, state of the art processes eliminate the public health effects and environmental contamination of autoclaves and incinerators while conserving valuable natural resources.  Our ozone processor is approved to process red bag and sharps waste along with pathological and animal waste traditionally processed by incineration and transported thousands of miles to neighboring communities as there are no incinerators in Colorado.  90% volume reduction reduces methane produced from landfill decomposition and greenhouse gas emissions from incineration that contribute to climate change and global warming.

We also shred non infectious, unused, sensitive and expired waste streams to eliminate IP risk and exposure while providing a sustainable disposal method.


Comparative Photo of Autoclaved and Ozone Processed Waste at the Landfill.


Colorado Medical Waste leads the industry in sustainable waste management.  Do your part!  Call or email us today for a free quote.  Together, we can make a difference.