Colorado Medical Waste and ozone processing turn medical waste into confetti.  We bring medical waste management into the 21st century.

Reduce your medical waste carbon footprint by 90%!
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Since 1992, Colorado Medical Waste has provided collection and transportation service to medical waste generators along Colorado’s Front Range. In 2014, we introduced ozone processing at our facility in Aurora and turn medical waste into confetti!  Using oxygen (ambient air), electricity and an industrial shredder, medical waste is sterilized and reduced in volume by 90% with ZERO emissions as ozone gas reverts back to simple oxygen.   Waste is rendered non-infectious, unrecognizable and irretrievable.  No heat, steam or chemicals are used in our process.  Efficacy tests prove the natural oxidizing power of ozone is 100 times more effective than steam to kill mold, viruses, bacteria and infectious pathogens.  It is an energy efficient, eco-friendly alternative to autoclaves and  incinerators and is the most environmentally friendly means of processing medical waste to date.  Combining 25 years of industry experience, award winning service and cutting edge technologies, we’ve set the standard for sustainable medical waste management.

Our Ozone Processor

CMW’s Ozone Processor, Aurora CO

Our ozone processor eliminates contamination to air, soil and water and diverts TONS of medical waste from entering landfills, incinerators and hazardous waste facilities.  The added benefit of shredding renders waste unrecognizable eliminating HIPAA liability and generator exposure. Our 6Log10 kill STERILIZES  waste surpassing efficacy standards of a 4Log10 kill of antiquated heat and energy intensive autoclaves that are heavy consumers of water and natural gas. Our energy efficient, state of the art processes eliminate the public health effects and environmental contamination of antiquated technologies while conserving valuable natural resources.  Our ozone processor is approved to process red bag and sharps waste along with pathological and animal waste traditionally processed by incineration and transported thousands of miles away as there are no incinerators in Colorado.  We decrease CO2 emissions while reducing the risk and exposure of medical waste being transported along public highways to the few remaining medical waste incinerators scattered across the U.S.  90% volume reduction reduces methane produced from landfill decomposition and greenhouse gas emissions from incineration that contribute to climate change and global warming.  Colorado Medical Waste leads the industry for sustainable medical waste management.

The Technology of the Future is Here Today

Take a few minutes to watch our video to understand how ozone processing is raising the bar and setting the standard for the medical waste treatment and disposal industry.

Our video shows how medical waste is managed in Colorado and across the globe.


The most widely used medical waste treatment technologies around the world are autoclaves and incinerators.  The majority of medical waste is red bagged, steam treated by autoclave and buried.  Below is a snapshot of these commercial technologies and their impact to public health and the environment.

The Autoclave

Commercial Medical Waste Autoclave

An autoclave is an industrial pressure cooker.  Natural gas is used to heat boilers to temperatures of 148°C  or 298°F  to create steam in the pressurized vessel.  Medical waste is   loaded into carts and pushed into the unit where it is steam treated. Millions of gallons of water are used and disposed into the sewer.  Offensive odors from moisture treated human waste and semi melted plastics are created and vented outside to the surrounding community.  Efficacy is questionable as closed and sealed infectious waste bags are stacked on top of each other. After treatment, saturated waste is transported to the landfill.  It is still recognizable and buried in full form. There is NO volume reduction making it a public health and environmental hazard for generations to come.    Results of this antiquated heat and energy intensive process  is shown below.

Autoclave Processed Medical Waste

Landfill photo courtesy: Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Comparative Photo of Autoclaved and Ozone Processed Medical Waste Awaiting Burial at the Landfill

Landfill with methane wellhead Original

Landfill photo courtesy: Tri County Health Department

The Medical Waste Incinerator

Medical Waste Incineration

Commercial medical waste incinerator and toxic emissions bypass event

Medical waste incineration involves the burning of waste by combustion at temperatures of 1,100° C or 2000° F. Incineration is the primary disposal method for pathological, pharmaceutical and chemotherapy (radioactive) waste. There are no medical waste incinerators in Colorado. Few incinerators remain in the U.S. due to their toxic emissions of dioxins, furans and heavy metals which are known cancer causing carcinogens. Human exposure is linked to respiratory illness, impairment of the immune system, the developing nervous system, the endocrine system and reproductive functions.  Food, animals, fish, soil and water sources are subject to contamination from these toxic air pollutants. Incinerators are heat and energy intensive units and heavy consumers of natural gas used to achieve high combustion temperatures.

Now that you’re educated on the technologies used to process medical waste…


Join Colorado Medical Waste and become environmental stewards and sustainability partners because out of sight is no longer out of mind. The medical waste process of the future is here today. Let us help you achieve your regulated medical waste sustainability goals.  We make it easy, convenient and cost effective to reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare and medical waste.  

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Why Should You Switch?

Leading the industry with Colorado’s only sustainable medical waste processing facility and over 25 years of experience, our expertise and customer service is unsurpassed. We have outlived the startups, mergers and acquisitions of our competitors. Colorado Medical Waste is proud to offer premier medical waste management and disposal along with friendly, personalized, award winning service and customized programs based on each client’s need.  We tailor our service around you! We appreciate our loyal customers who have helped us rise to the top of our industry and welcome new customers like family.  Does your medical waste company measure up?  Here’s a quick look at a few of the many reasons to do business with us:

  • We have been recognized locally and nationally for leadership in sustainable medical waste management
  • We are a local, minority, woman owned small business.
  • We have provided collection, transportation and disposal service for over 25 years and are industry experts.
  • Cutting edge technologies and processes provide the most environmentally friendly means of medical waste disposal to date.
  • We serve all types of medical waste generators and businesses.
  • Reliable, award winning service and customer retention has earned us a reputation that you can count on.
  • We offer sustainable and value added service with competitive prices.
  • We make it easy, convenient and cost effective to dispose of your waste responsibly.

Call or contact us today and make the responsible and ethical decision for your medical waste disposal.  Do your part. Together, we can make a difference!

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