Why Colorado Medical Waste?

Colorado Medical Waste and ozone processing turn medical waste into confetti. We bring medical waste management into the 21st century.

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What is Ozone Processing?

With Ozone Processing, waste is rendered non-infectious, unrecognizable and irretrievable. Volume is reduced by 90% with zero emissions! This is the sustainable direction of medical waste disposal.

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Why Should You Switch?

We are Colorado’s only sustainable medical waste processing facility. We offer environmental stewardship and value-added service with competitive prices.

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Award Winning Company

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Combining 29 years of industry experience, award winning service and cutting edge technologies, we've set the standard for sustainable medical waste management.

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We Are Proud to Offer a Wide Range of
Award Winning Services

Full-Service Medical Waste Pick Up and Disposal

With over twenty-five years of industry experience, award winning service and sustainable technologies, we’re the clear choice for responsible management and disposal of your red bag, sharps and pathology waste.

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COVID-19 Waste Pick Up and Disposal

If you are a COVID testing or vaccination site, a restoration company doing COVID-19 cleanup, Colorado Medical Waste can assist by providing biohazard boxes, liners, sharps containers, and as needed pickup and sustainable disposal of your COVID-19 waste.

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Household Sharps Walk-In Disposal

Sharps waste generated by households is a real problem. And we have a real solution—a real solution that is better for the environment and safer for our communities.

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Rendered Marijuana Waste Pick Up and Disposal

With a detailed rendered marijuana waste management plan, you can be confident your waste is properly collected, tracked and disposed of. Your marijuana waste must be rendered in order for us to collect and process it for final disposal.  See the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Compliance Bulletin rendering requirements here.

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Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste Mailback Program

If you are a small quantity generator and don’t need a long term contract with a hauler to pick up your medical waste, or if you live in a rural area where there is limited service available, our mail back disposal program offers a safe, convenient and sustainable disposal method for your sharps and regulated medical waste.

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Many "brokers" and out of state companies claiming to be nationwide and providing service within Colorado DON'T! They are merely "registered agents" while the company is in another state. These brokers contract with local medical waste companies who have built long lasting relationships with their customers and communities. The brokers charge inflated fees on their invoices while the local medical waste company is collecting, processing and disposing of your waste and is the "real" service provider. We've provided service in Colorado since 1992 and are the longest standing medical waste company in the state. We lead the industry with award winning service and sustainable technologies that protect people and the environment while reducing the carbon footprint of healthcare and medical waste. Do your due diligence before you sign a misleading contract. Get a FREE QUOTE or call us today for more information. (303) 794-5716

Responsible and Ethical Medical Waste Management

We serve all types and sizes of medical waste generators and businesses. Join our sustainability efforts. Together we can make a difference.

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Our Ozone Processor

Good news for you and for the environment.

The technology of the future is here today. Our energy efficient, state of the art processes eliminate the public health effects and environmental contamination of antiquated technologies while conserving valuable natural resources. Find out more about our ozone processor.