Colorado Medical Waste Receives 2015 Sustainability Award, Washington DC

Sustainability AwardU.S. Congressman Mike Coffman presents the 2015 Sustainability Award to Beverly Hanstrom, President of Colorado Medical Waste at the Small Business Majority Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.  Also pictured is John Arensmeyer, CEO and Founder, Small Business Majority

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The award can be viewed on the Small Business Majority Website Here

Colorado Medical Waste Receives 2014 Business Recognition Award for Environmental Sustainability

Colorado Medical Waste was honored at the City of Aurora’s 10th Annual 2014 Business Recognition Dinner and Award Ceremony for Environmental Sustainability. The video and award were presented by George Noe, Aurora’s City Manager and accepted by the Company’s President, Beverly Hanstrom.

Press Release

Colorado Medical Waste and Ozone Processing Bring Medical Waste Management Into the 21st Century

Our video shows how medical waste is managed in Colorado and abroad.  Ozone processing represents the future of medical waste management.

Since 1992, Colorado Medical Waste, Inc. has provided collection and transportation service to medical waste generators along Colorado’s Front Range. With the introduction of ground breaking Ozone Processing Technology, we bring medical waste management into the 21st century.  Leading the industry with Colorado’s only sustainable processing facility, we turn medical waste into confetti. Using ozone gas, electricity and an industrial shredder, medical waste is rendered non-infectious, unrecognizable and irretrievable  while reducing its volume by 90% with “ZERO” emissions!  Efficacy tests prove the natural oxidizing power of ozone is 100x more effective than steam killing mold, viruses, bacteria and infectious pathogens.  It is an eco-friendly alternative to toxic incineration and is 10x more effective than chlorine for disinfection.

Our Ozone Processor

Our ozone processor at our facility in Aurora, CO

Our ozone processor and ozone sanitizer eliminate contamination to air, soil and water and divert tons of medical waste from entering landfills, incinerators, hazardous waste, and waste water treatment facilities.  The added benefit of shredding eliminates HIPAA exposure and liability.  Our 6Log10 kill sterilizes the waste and surpasses efficacy standards of a 4Log10 kill of traditional heat and energy intensive autoclaves that are heavy consumers of water and natural gas.  Our state of the art technologies  and processes eliminate the public health effects and environmental impact of antiquated autoclaves and incinerators while conserving valuable natural resources.  90% reduction of medical waste entering landfills and transported along public highways to the few remaining incinerators in the U.S. decreases CO2, methane and toxic greenhouse gas emissions which are known cancer causing carcinogens that contribute to climate change and global warming.

The majority of regulated medical waste is treated by autoclave steam disinfection. The result of this process is shown below.

Autoclave Processed Medical Waste

Photo courtesy: Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Ozone Processed Medical Waste

Ozone processed medical waste

Photo courtesy:  Colorado Medical Waste, Inc.

Autoclave and Ozone Processed Medical Waste Await Burial at the Landfill

Photo courtesy: Tri County Health Department

Photo courtesy: Tri County Health Department


Let us help you achieve your regulated medical waste (RMW) sustainability goals. Join Colorado Medical Waste and become environmental stewards and sustainability partners to reduce our carbon footprint, because out of sight is no longer out of mind!

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Safe Biohazard Waste Management

Leading the industry with Colorado’s only sustainable medical waste processing facility, Colorado Medical Waste and ozone processing bring medical waste management into the 21st century. Our process turns medical waste into  confetti.  Ozone sterilization and shredding renders the waste non-infectious, unrecognizable and irretrievable while and reducing its volume by 90 percent with “zero” emissions! The natural oxidizing power of ozone is 100 times more effective than steam-killing viruses, bacteria and infectious pathogens and is an eco-friendly alternative to toxic incineration.  Providing more than 20 years of medical waste disposal service, we have established a strong presence within the community and have outlived the startups, mergers and acquisitions of our competitors. Colorado Medical Waste is proud to offer premier medical waste management along with friendly, personalized, award winning service and customized programs based on each client’s need. We appreciate our loyal customers who have helped us rise to the top of our industry and welcome new customers to join our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact of medical waste.  Here’s a quick look at a few of the many reasons to do business with us:

  • We are a local, minority, woman owned small business.
  • We have served the needs of medical waste generators for over 20 years.
  • Cutting edge technologies and processes provide the most environmentally friendly means of medical waste disposal.
  • We serve many counties within the state, and offer service to all types of medical waste generators and businesses.
  • Reliable, award winning service and customer support has earned us a reputation that you can count on.
  • We offer sustainable and value added service with competitive prices.


Contact us today and make the responsible decision for your medical waste disposal. Together, we can make a difference!

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