Colorado Medical Waste introduces sustainable ozone medical waste processing.

Our video shows how medical waste is managed in Colorado and abroad.  Ozone processing represents the future of medical waste management.

Since 1992, Colorado Medical Waste has provided collection and transportation service for disposal of medical waste to generators along the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins. With the introduction of ground breaking Ozone Medical Waste Processing Technology, CMW brings medical waste management into the 21st century.  Leading the industry with Colorado’s only sustainable processing facility, our OMW-1000 turns medical waste into a sterile, confetti residual rendering it unrecognizable and reduces its volume by 90% with ZERO emissions!  Efficacy tests prove the natural oxidizing power of ozone is 100x’s more effective than steam killing viruses, bacteria and infectious pathogens.  It is 10x’s more effective than chlorine for disinfection and is an eco-friendly alternative to incineration.

CMW’s Ozone Medical Waste Processor at it facility in Aurora, CO.

Our ozone medical waste processor and ozone sanitizing equipment eliminates contamination to air, soil and water and significantly reduces the tremendous amount of medical waste buried in landfills.  The added benefit of shredding eliminates HIPAA exposure and liability.  Our 6Log10 kill surpasses efficacy standards of a 4Log10 kill for autoclaves.  Our state of the art technologies eliminate the environmental impact of antiquated autoclaves and incinerators and their public health effects with results that are undeniable.

Autoclaved medical waste (left). Ozone processed waste (right).

Comparative photo of treated medical waste. Photo courtesy Tri County Health Department, April 2014.

Join Colorado Medical Waste and become environmental stewards and sustainability partners to reduce our carbon footprint because out of sight is no longer out of mind!


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